Enterprise and labor


Within the Enterprise and Labor scope we can support in the detection of losses by "Ant Robbery", Breaches of trust, Frauds and in the identification and correction of the soft spots of its systems, like in the investigation and confirmation of Falsification and Robbery of your products or technology and the implementation of strategies of Industrial Counterespionage.

This type of information is useful for an efficient decision making, to identify people in charge, to diagnose and to correct your management systems and control and to avoid flights and inefficiencies, improving its productivity and increasing substantially your utilities.


  • Loss of products and "Ant Robbery"
  • Verification of Industrial Espionage (Electronic and Administrative)
  • Breaches of trust
  • Product Falsification
  • Disloyal Competition
  • Strategies and solutions of Administrative security
  • Control of representatives and routes
  • Control of markets and products
  • Causes of low productivity of employees
  • Labor Absenteeism
  • Fidelity of employees
  • Break of Professional secrets
  • Deviation of clients
  • Conflict of interests
  • Pretended Incapacities
  • Acts of immorality and addictions